Bite-sized English

Every muscle needs regular training…

…but fitting English into busy lives, with the regularity which it going to make a difference, is not easy. This is where Bite-Sized English comes in! Subscribe and get access to a five-minute audio file, every day, Monday-Friday. Listen while having breakfast, on the commute, during a coffee break…. And give your English brain a little daily workout.

A bite-sized week

Monday …
… is quiz day! Kick start the week and your brain with a general knowledge quiz.

Tuesday …
… is grammar day! Refresh your knowledge or learn something new!

Wednesday …
… is vocab and pronunciation day! Expand your vocabulary and practice your pronunciation.

Thursday …
… is story day! Factual or fiction… immerse yourself for 5 minutes.

Friday …
… is pot-pourri day! It could be anything at all, listen in for your final five-minutes of the week.

What does it cost and how does it work


Subscribe to Bite-Sized English and receive your new audio file, every day, Monday to Friday.

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Monday to Friday, a 5 minute audio for daily English input

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