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I’m Catherine …

and I’m passionate about your English!

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Do you …

… need English professionally and worry yours is going to let you down?

… understand everything but haven’t got the confidence to speak?

… worry you might be judged on your English competence rather than your professional competence?

… not take up opportunities at work because they would involve using more English?

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You know you need to do something about it, but …

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… the standard English courses don’t meet your needs

… you’re demotivated and it just feels like a mountain to climb

… memories of English at school make to something to fear rather than take pleasure in

… you start working on your English, then lose motivation and falls back again

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I’ve been there, …

from learning German at school to living and working in Austria, and felt for myself the gap between “learning” and being able to speak confidently, between understanding and being able to reply quickly enough before the conversation moves on. I also remember the terror of needing to speak and use my second language in professional business situations and the added burden it brought to my working life.

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Working with me, you can

✓ design your English learning around what works best for you – drawing on how your brain learns best.

✓ achieve your set of personal goals, with you in the driving seat of your journey.

✓ learn efficiently and cost-effectively.

✓ have a safe space to improve and practice your English skills.

✓ stay motivated over a long period of time to keep the momentum going.

✓ build English into your busy life, so it becomes a normal part of it.

✓ understand where specific German to English mistakes come from and avoid them.

✓ remove English as an obstacle to your professional growth.

✓ find your English voice!

Catherine Dolton
Catherine Dolton

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