School English v. real English

Few things upset me more than seeing English test papers from schools, where the students lost points because they couldn’t remember one specific word, even though they understood the context and tried to express it with other words. We all remember such tests, with the smallest grammar mistakes being underlined in red, and so many […]

Why the shame?

I was talking to a friend recently who needs English in her workplace, and she was saying how she wouldn’t be comfortable doing an English course with her work colleagues. I instinctively understood, but it got me thinking and asking myself: why? She agreed with me when I commented that she wouldn’t be worried about […]

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if …..

…. who meant wo and where meant wer – instead of the complete opposite! …. I will meant the same as ich will …. become meant bekommen …. I must not/ mustn’t meant the same as ich muss nicht …. I have seen was a simple translation of ich habe gesehen …. sensible meant the […]