English Immersion Retreats

Kick-start those English neurons, get into the flow and wire-up your brain for English!

You know the feeling of being surrounded by a language you’ve learnt, be in on holiday or through work: the brain tunes in, words come back to you and it starts to feel more natural again. This is your unconscious brain kicking into action and it is of immense value for language improvement.

Take some time for yourself, your development and your future – immerse yourself at an English Retreat weekend:

  • English spoken throughout, from the moment you arrive!
  • Max 10 participants – a safe, relaxed space with plenty of opportunity to speak
  • “Bring your own” topics and practice situations – share and learn from each other!
  • Group coaching round English problem areas & busting the perfection myth!
  • Drinks and dinner on Friday with different English speakers – practice the classic work/conference social situation.
  • Introductory session: what is brain friendly language learning?
  • Introductory session: why are motivation and goal setting so important for language learning?
  • A taste of English culture
  • Tips for going forward & incorporating English into your busy daily life
  • …and a whole lot of laughs!

Where and when?


Coming soon! Register your interest to be among the first to experience the retreat – at a special rate!

Friday 3pm to Saturday 6pm


Overnight at hotel/seminar location with dinner, breakfast, lunch and 3 snack breaks 


includes one free session in the Use It or Lose It Club!
includes access to Bite-Sized English for the weeks before and after the retreat


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English Immersion

Kick-start those English neurons!

The “Use it or Lose it” Community

Keep your English fresh with regular speaking.


Monday to Friday, a 5 minute audio for daily English input

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