The Use It or Lose It Community

The Use It Or Lose It Community - It’s easier together!

It’s easier together!

  • Struggling to keep up the practice routine?
  • Frustrated that you can’t practice often enough to maintain your fluency?
  • You want a regular possibility to speak English and keep it fresh?
  • You’re looking for a manageable routine and ongoing support to maintain and improve your English skills?
  • And you want to enjoy it?


The Use It Or Lose It Community - It’s easier together!

Then the Use It or Lose It Community is for you!


  • Regular weekly online meet-ups (50 minutes) to keep in the speaking and hearing flow.
  • Bring your problems and queries or feel free to suggest a topic or theme.
  • From debating to negotiating, from world news to storytelling!
  • Guest English speakers to keep conversations fresh and interesting
  • A safe space to keep speaking, keep motivated and keep learning!
  • Max 5 people per session to ensure plenty of speaking practice


Which community is for you?

  • The breakfast community   (07:30 – 08:20)
  • The lunch break community  (12:30 – 13:20)
  • The after work community (17:00 – 17:50)
  • The evening community  (19:30 – 20:20)
The Use It Or Lose It Community - It’s easier together!

What does it cost and how does it work?


Everyone needs support and a motivation boost to successfully adopt a new habit or include something new in their routine. The Use It or Lose It Community is designed to help you keep using English, stay motivated, keep the momentum up and have fun with it! It also helps you to fight those “I don’t feel like it today” demons!

First-timers can buy a block of 5 sessions, after that the blocks are 10 or 20 sessions.

You chose your preferred day and time and are guaranteed a space in your session each week. Naturally you can also book additional sessions as available!

Block of 5 (first-timers only): € 90,–

Block of 10: € 165,–

Block of 20: € 295,–

Price includes weekly emails with selected reading, viewing or listening tips to keep English present in your daily life!

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The “Use it or Lose it” Community

Keep your English fresh with regular speaking.


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